Pete’s Move Night A Success Thanks to Your Support

petemovienight-tabloid-smDear Friends Family and Supporters of P4P,

Thanks for all your support and your generosity on #PeteMovieNight, turning out in the numbers that you did, on a wet and windy Thursday Night in the Beach.

Nothing however could dampen our spirits.

The evening got off to a tremendous start at the Fox Theatre with Dr Mark Erwin’s enthusiastic and passionate speech about how this non – invasive stem cell research journey began, and where it can potentially end – a pilot human clinical trial.

Dr Erwin also expressed caution in his comments – there will be lots more twists and turns on this journey, but the main thing is that we have started well and are on track.

The big issue with research of this nature is that it takes money – and what we at P4P will continue to do while working with others is to keep the good doctors focussed on the research while we explore the commercial avenues and funding required for making this a reality. As Steve Gleason says there will be “no white flags” in our search for a cure!

The film Gleason was an emotional tour de force – and exemplified the fact that a “patient gap” exists in aspects of modern healthcare. In this instance the burden of care resides more often than not with a support network of friends, families and colleagues, who have to deal not only with their daily lives , but who on a day to day basis deal with the disease with their loved ones, knowing that in most instances it can be fatal.

Ashante Infantry gave an invaluable insight in to this, having already travelled this harrowing journey herself, as her husband Ray passed away from the disease last year – she poignantly drew attention to the fact that the journey is full of hard decisions, but that the work of people like Dr Mark Erwin and his team give hope.

Youtaz then provided us with a fitting end to the evening in her measured, and calm description of how the bond of her partnership with Peter will prevail on this most unexpected of journeys, and thanking all those who have supported them to date and those who will continue to support and help them in the future. Non-invasive stem cell research at this time provides them with the only hope, that Peter can access to overcome this disease at this stage.

The evening was a resounding success, and with monies still to come in we will have raised closed to 90k for the UHN and Sunnybrook hospital’s research into this disease!

Big thanks to, for their organization and streamlined system that allowed us to invite and register guests, sell tickets, check-in guests and more.

Thanks to you all, those who attended on the night and those who donated to our fundraising site as they were unable to make it this time, and those who dropped by to show support.

As one of our team recalled today from the film “This isn’t going to be easy. But it’s going to be awesome.”

Cheers P4P Team

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