Letter of Support From Toronto & Western Hospital Foundation UHN

This week we received a letter of support for our efforts from the Toronto & Western Hospital Foundation UHN. Dr. mark Erwin, principal investor from the Krembil Reach institute, has partnered with the University of Toronto and Sunnybrook Hospital to advance a novel approach to treating ALS.

The stem cell research we support is non- invasive, active stem cell research for ALS in the US is using invasive methods for cell delivery. These methods involve direct injection of cells into the spinal cord, which places the patient at high risk for damaging this delicate structures, and limits the number of treatments the patient can receive – usually one or two.

The research we are supporting uses  MRI-guided focused ultrasound, we will deliver our cells in a non-invasive, targeted manner, and enable multiple, ongoing treatments if the therapy proves successful at halting or reversing disease progression.

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