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We aim to reduce the time to effective treatment of ALS by funding innovative research. We are especially excited about one initiative working to deliver stem cells through the blood-brain barrier. Technology that has delivered chemotherapy to those suffering from brain cancer will be used to deposit stem cells to the motor cortex and perhaps the spinal cord. Amazing science!

Treatment like this could prolong the lives of people like Pete who are fighting ALS. With the average life expectancy between 2 to 5 years following diagnosis, time matters most. We want to change that statistic. ALS is a cruel disease. You are trapped in your own body fully aware of everything. No cure. No effective treatment. Add in the complication of being heterogeneous in symptoms, progression, almost everything. ALS is tailor made to crush all hope.

However, we have hope. With your help, hopefully, we can push forward and contribute in a small way to give ALS suffers more laughter. More joy. More love. More time.

We have teamed up with the Toronto Foundation to process donations. You will receive a charitable tax receipt for donating greater than $25.


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