Determination in the face of adversity.... that's why we Pitch4Pete!

We set this site up with a goal to help Pete and his family, and the thousands of other people impacted by Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Lou Gehrig’s or Motor Neuron Disease, the various names by which it is commonly known around the world.

“Like Lou Gehrig who was a determined, committed and a focused athlete who played 2130 consecutive baseball games before being diagnosed with ALS, I’d like to be the Lou Gehrig of life and continue to play as many consecutive games as is possible.”

– Pete Wood 2015

The Pete Wood Story

A touching explanation as described by his 8 yr old son Zac…

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Promising Stem-Cell research in Canada

Please help us give HOPE to people suffering from ALS by supporting the advancement of Stem-Cell research in Canada. For those suffering from this disease, time matters most.

Help us spread the word and donate to this incredible research being done by University of Toronto, the University Health Network (UHN), and Sunnybrook Hospital.


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The Research

Learn more from the latest ALS Fact Sheets to upcoming clinical trials…

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Help Us Reach Pete’s Goal

Let’s hit it out of the ballpark and raise money for Pete and ALS by supporting clinical trials for Non-Invasive Stem Cell Research!

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One of my early cultural influences were television shows of the 70’s and 80’s. Mary Tyler Moore, King of Kensington, Love Boat, Happy Days, All In The Family and MASH, to name a few. I could go on. Welcome Back Kotter, WKRP, Three’s Company, Barney Miller, Good Times and The Brady Bunch. Once I start […]

Father’s Day Gifts

I’m a little late in posting this, but I want to share something Siena made me for Father’s Day. No, it’s not a tie or socks. Something slightly more unique. It’s the product of five year old’s imagination and unbridled feelings. This was made at school. A game of tic tac toe, with decorated rocks […]

Hey Stranger

Hey stranger. It’s been too long. What’s been going on? I know, I know. I intended to communicate more often. I don’t know what happened. My time management scheme never quite got off the ground. To be honest, I enjoy eating too much. As a result, my meals are in the tradition of the Slow […]

Time Management

Happy New Year! Wishing you a peaceful and healthy 2017. I’m sure we have all tried to get more efficient with our time. At work we enrolled in time management courses. They emphasized being organized with tasks, prioritize them, and dedicate specific time to the most important. A key success factor is to avoid distractions. […]

Hot Take : Halloween ‘16

Siena declared this Halloween the “Best Ever!!”  Stop right there. The title of best Halloween ever is up for debate. I would counter with the Halloween of 1972, as unforgettable. If I remember correctly, I was dressed as Oscar the Grouch and brought home an epic haul. A run of candy that included a toothbrush […]

Lou Gehrig Is a Friend of Mine

I sent this out recently to folks who supported our Pitch4Pete event. The sentiment of the post applies to everyone reading my blog. I love writing. It means so much to me that you take the time to read my work. With feedback or not you keep me going. Thank you. If you know me […]

Research Update – September 2016

The mice have joined the club. No, not the Mickey Mouse Club. A club with exclusive membership. There are only 3,000 members in Canada and 30,000 in the United States. So really, not extremely exclusive. I’m talking about the same club that I hold a membership card to. The Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) club. The […]

Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio?

I’m still here despite being absent from writing. No, I was not being schooled by Mrs. Robinson. As a porn star I’m well versed in that subject, no need for extra training. I’ve been busy with other matters. Namely on road trips watching baseball.       Look around you all you see are sympathetic […]

Confessions of a Blogger

This is hard to write this, but I have some confessions to make. Movies:  I believe there is the perception in some circles that I watched all the Oscar nominated films.  Not true.   I had a short list of films I wanted to see (The Martian, The Big Short. Bridge of Spies, The Revenant, Spotlight, Mad […]

Secret Agent 004

Let me introduce myself, I’m Bosco.  Pietro del Bosco.  I prefer my smoothie blended, not stirred.  From here on we deal with classified information.  For your eyes only. My professional dealings fall under the authority of Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Disabled Division or HMSSDD as we call it in the business.  Large institutions love […]

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